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Welcome to Sulphur Public Schools



The Sulphur Public School System's mission is to provide
relevant, engaging, positive learning environments where
students are empowered to realize their self-worth
through continuous academic, social, and emotional growth.


Sulphur Public Schools strive to prepare students to be
responsible and productive citizens in an ever-changing


1. All students can learn.

2. All students should have safe and disciplined schools,
qualified teachers, committed support staff,
challenging curricula, and effective school leaders.

3. All students deserve a quality education that focuses on
the whole child.

4. All students should be accountable for their educational
goals, success, and behavior.

5. All students deserve a nurturing environment that
promotes a feeling of self-worth.

6. Education is a shared responsibility among home,
school and community.

7. Educated citizens are vital to our society.
Progress in education requires a willingness to change.